Monday, August 6, 2012

Why Occupy Used The Tactics It Did And What It Was That Was Hoped To Be Accomplished By It

This is my first contribution to the blog and as such I wanted to make it (semi) memorable. I apologize ahead of time if this just seems like a bunch of pointless ranting, it's just my writing style. I also apologize for this long winded introduction but i feel like i have to get it out of the way, after this post you wont see it again. Anyways, on to the actual blog post now.

I started occupying in St John's on October 17th (day 3). Why did I join Occupy in the first place? well that's because I saw it as the only way to work towards making a drastic change in our society, a way of getting people to start breaking the last "real" taboo we have in our society: Questioning the way our society works and if capitalism (read corporatism) is really the best way of doing things.

What did I think could possibly be accomplished? I think I just answered that, but ill do so again. What i thought the Occupy movement could accomplish was getting people talking, it kinda worked in phases. phase one's leading quote being "A better world is possible, lets talk about it."

How did we get this done? We got it done through civil disobedience. For those who don't know what civil disobedience entails ill explain it. Civil disobedience is when you purposefully break a law for the purpose of either showing how ridiculous said law is, or for just plain old drawing attention. I bet you can guess what reason we were using it for. We were using civil disobedience tactics so that we could garner media attention which could then be used to highlight what we were talking about. Mainly: economic disparity, who holds the real power in government (those with the money), and how money is created in our fiat currency system. Through highlighting these three related issues it is hoped that people will actually wake up to whats going on around them.

I would like to thank you for your patience as I write (you read) this small treatise on some philosophical and political points.



Jon said...

Thanks for this, Ken. Keep it coming! I'd like to hear more of your reflections on the genesis/evolution of the movement in NFLD...

occupiEr said...

Thanks, Ken! Write more! :D

Unknown said...

will do, i meant for it to be longer, but the internet signal i was snagging at the time decided to fail, so i lost part of what i had written, and i couldnt remember what it was so i just cut it short