Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sountdtrack for a revolution #5 -- Sultans of Ping FC "Where's me Jumper"

This week's soundtracx presents an oldy but a goodie from this Dublin band's best selling album. Seen most frequently at the Star in Swords or at the Rose and Boot in Malahide, Sultans of Ping lyrics bounce off Dublinism's and ideomatic dialect, but echo true of the Irish scene (of which they are a part/Pogues/AfroCelt/etc.). Where's me poxy jumper!


Anonymous said...

HCE l0ndon 0L1mpics 2012

Harlequin said...

thanks for this wonderful post.... great stuff.

btw, montreal continues to be a great little hotbed of effective protest. it's good for the soul to see this kind of persistence and solidarity.
no doubt, things will take a step down as more people leave the city, but the commitment is palpable--- in spite of laws and bills designed to take it off the rails.