Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Parking Lot - St John's Citizens for Affordable Housing

Following the early General Assemblies in October, a group of residents of the Metro area began meeting with the goal of advocating for affordable housing.  As of now, you can join a Google group mailing list to begin to participate, and there are also regular meetings planned for the next several weeks.

Current plans include a demonstration in the Downtown area during mid- to late- December.

Meetings are generally on Tuesdays, prior to the General Assembly.

Meeting Notes from November 21

In attendance: Adrian, Jim, Joey, Nicole, Katie, Aida (and guest with housing activism experience in Ontario who wishes to only be in the background and send us helpful info and ideas)

Next Meeting: TUESDAY NOV 29, 5:30pm, 29 Young St.
-first meeting today
-in media already: Telegram “99% Film Fest” Nov 21

-most of the meeting was general brainstorming and sharing of information, details to be hashed out later
*Dec 17 Action in front of City Hall involving lanterns (with housing facts on them)
-details to be hashed out next meeting (tues nov 29)
-taken to Occupynl GA after that

Two Mandates set out:
*Establishment of Rent Controls
*Development of more affordable housing

-learn more about the rest of Canada
*Possible political demands
-“rent stabilization” legislation may not be best focus on its own
-human rights legislation
-anti-discrimination legislation (landlords being picky)
-raise awareness about these laws and use them as well in advocating for rent controls
-rights of tenants
-rent controls should include what landlords can do after they evict someone – rent control by unit, not tenant.
-keep on top of court cases

*No new rental housing built in 20 years in SJ (compared to Halifax—700+ built this year)
-City claims to be doing this, but how do they define “affordable”?
-look up city strategy on this issue
-redefine “affordable”

Nicole was at City's housing conference today: City of SJ Affordable Housing Forum
-industry perspective
-video made for last year's conference: What is Home?

What groups work on similar issues in our area? (Start compiling list and learning about their work)
-NL Housing Corporation: helping renters to own
-NL Housing and Homelessness Network
-Choices for Youth
-Stella Bury
-Habitat for Humanity
-St. Anthony's?... help with loans
- “Channel” -- 1 Co-op house in Mt. Pearl

*Target City or Province ? – different focus and tactics

*Related Issue – Minimum wage

*Possibly organize a Housing Forum of our own in the new year, with community partners
*Short housing workshop on a Sat or Tues at Harbourside in Dec

*start compiling profiles of those in need of housing
Meeting: Tues Nov 21/11

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