Sunday, January 27, 2013

#IdleNoMore province-wide solidarity actions Jan 27 -- St. John's

Idle No More solidarity actions are taking place today (Jan 27th) across Newfoundland and Labrador. Demonstrations are happening in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Corner Brook, Bay St. George, and in St. John's (see our previous post for more info). Below are photos and videos from the St. John's event. Please copy, download, share and help spread the solidarity around!
***Updated*** Here's a link to photos from the rally in Corner Brook via
***Updated*** Here's a link to a photo album from the St. John's rally by Jenne Nolan
***Updated*** Here's a link to photos from the Happy Valley-Goose Bay march by Denise Cole

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Harlequin said...

this was great.
I will for sure be sharing this with resonant supporters here in my circle.
I love the symbol....the feather as strength... wonderful.