Monday, July 30, 2012

General Assembly Tues July 31 @ 7 pm, MUN Arts and Admin (room A1046)

Our next general assembly is today in the Arts and Admin Building at MUN, 7 pm (A1046). We will be hosting an informal brainstorming session on the future of Indy media in the province. Justin Brake from the Independent will have some thoughts to share. He will be doing a workshop on Citizen Journalism in a few weeks. Details to follow.

After the GA, why not check out Kanaska Carter, playing at CBTG's at 10 pm. Originally from the west coast of Newfoundland, she spent the first two months of Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park. She will be playing various St. John's venues in the next two weeks.

See you all there!

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David Arthur Johnston said...

Occupy is fundamentaly about the right to sleep.