Friday, May 25, 2012

Harbourside Kitchen Zine #2


Those of us involved with the Harbourside Kitchen Zine put together a second issue -- 'eviction edition extravaganza' -- which was both completed and distributed on May 10th, in time for the eviction show at Harbourside Park.

This issue contains more words, more recipes, a comic, a corrected-yet-hilarious typo that only three or four of us know about, and the potential for a knitting group to start! As an added bonus, the cover of this issue is the eviction notice.

If you'd like to read the zine online, you can certainly do that. If you'd like to print your own copy, you can do that too. If you'd like a copy that you don't have to assemble yourself, we have some copies left (and the ability to get more). Come visit us the next time we're cooking (check the blog!) and we'll gladly give you a copy. And I'm sure we'd be willing to send you a copy of it by mail if you contact us by e-mail and provide the necessary details.

...We would also appreciate it if you would light our stove for us.

From the kitchen with love,

Harbourside Kitchen

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