Friday, January 20, 2012

Open the House (the return)

The provincial government says that it has no legislation to pass and that the House of Assembly is dysfunctional, so they see no reason to have the house in session. But in an open and transparent democracy, our elected officials should be participating in important debates about pressing issues of the day. Occupy NL recognizes that there are a number of such pressing issues. These include:
  • Muskrat Falls - a candid discussion of all the options and reasonable alternatives to the mega project (see our earlier post for more info)
  • Fisheries Policy (i.e. the clash between OCI and unionized workers in Marystown and Port Union)
  • Poverty and Housing issues
  • Sustainability and Food Security
  • and the list goes on... (add your own issue in the comments below)

This is, of course, not the first time we have raised such concerns. Last year, Occupy NL organized a similar rally with the very same message, but it seems that the provincial government still has not gotten the memo. Join us at Confederation Building on January 26th at noon to make sure the message gets through this time!

Facebook event page

For information and media from our last Open the House rally, click the link below:


Anonymous said...

LGBT rights

Anonymous said...

i wuoldn't even know where to begin

Anonymous said...

The point that discussion should take place is enough. We all saw the "public forum" with dr. locke the other night and even he said discussion should take place. He's an economist, right?

Anonymous said...

Seems like even the New Dawn Agreement isn't all understood by most people. big questions there too.


Anonymous said...

Why should we preserve a dying industry like the fishery when there are other growing industries that we could support?