Monday, January 23, 2012

NDP leadership candidates coming to St. John's

The federal NDP leadership is underway and the leadership candidates traveling the country, meeting people and gaining supporters.  This week we have two candidates in St. John's: Paul Dewar and Peggy Nash.

Paul will be celebrating his birthday at the Republic starting at 7 pm Wednesday night, and will be meeting with students at the MUN student centre from 11am to 12pm on Thursday.  Facebook event pages are available here and here.

Peggy's event is a kitchen party at the Hub from 5pm until 8pm on Friday night, where music, food and politics is on the menu.  A facebook event page is available here.

If you are interested helping to select the next leader of the federal NDP, you can sign up as member of the party here (the membership fee is five dollars).  The deadline for signing up is approaching soon, so don't delay!

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